A Quick Drive


There was an abysmal silence on this gelid, Sunday morning. My thoughts echoed loudly as I drove into work alongside the other two cars on the road. You could almost hear the snore of folks still sleeping, snuggled up under their winter quilts.

I reveled in this peace knowing it’ll last for about 15 minutes. My morning drive is one of my meditation times, alone and undisturbed. Though my body was quivering and my fingers were numb, my spirit was calm. One minute, I thought to myself, “sheesh, I need gloves”. Then the next, I found myself expelling words of gratitude for all that I do have. My heart felt full, just as I aim to feel everyday.

I looked around and observed the naked trees and the lonely roadway. I watched various birds fly over me in the cloudy skies, wondering where they were heading. They flew with such grace and confidence, seemingly unaffected by the cold. I admired their freedom. I had wished for a moment to live in a world like theirs; free of government, money, racism, misogyny, and police brutality. They basically migrate as they seem fit, live off the land, procreate and delve within the laws of nature. It sounds like a way that was intended for us all but not until control and power became humanity’s main feed. 

Regardless of what’s happening around me, I will continue to choose happiness. I will continue to take notice of the unnoticed and delve in the beauty of the world I live in and of the people who encase gleaming hearts. 

I’ve arrived to work safely and I am smiling. So, my day begins.
©2016 Liza Morales