I Begin My Day (thoughts)


My day begins
In the arms of life
In the breath of spirit
Long and everlasting.
I thank God to be blessed
With His grace and mercy
To walk in abundance
Of love and light.
Breezes brush through
The follicles of my hair
Incessantly inhaling
The grapple of autumn.
Air, slightly humid
patchouli infused
heart regulating
To spews of harmony.
I bow and I pray
For all of humanity
That the spread of love
Infect us all.
I think about the virtues
That have been made void
Devalued and minimized
And know that as norm.
Loyalty and commitment
Cuts freedom, think most
Fear deters the mind
smoke screens the truth.
It is the virtue of love
To supersede these wars
Trust and compassion
Cessation of ego.
It is the light in me
That humbles the soul
Revealing my core
Organically adorned.
I will give more of me
Through righteous blood
For the vessels we’ll share
From plans of destiny.
So, I begin my day
Mindfully grateful
For the genuineness
In the birthings of dawn.

©2014 Liza Morales