Offspring on Homeland


I watch their eyes
stretch across the ocean
widen like full moon
a waxing evolution.
those moments in awe
that alter their perspective
teaching through elements
of nature on the island.
they rub their wet hair
on white sand beaches
lulled by gentleness
abuela’s wrinkled fingers.
I know they must wonder
of the affable tones
dancing on their earlobes
boriqua’s heartbeat.
a zephyr from the west
sits atop the sunset
consistent are the voices
outstretched with wisdom.
our ancestors amass
to permeate their souls
through warm, salty breezes
dispersing Taino’s breath.
life dangles from trees
as guanabana or coco
and poetry’s enlivened
through roosters and coquies.
the mountains present depths
the sun displays commitment
the moon watches over
the ebb and flow of sea.
connecting the dots
of cultural traditions
enhances understanding
to pass along the truths
their return back home
reminds them of purpose
a cohesive existence
as a progeny who thrives.

©2016 Liza Morales


[captured from Luquillo Beach in Puerto Rico]