Frozen Beings


icy temps sting skins
homeless moans reverberate
arctic tears freeze up
unnecessary battle
some die, that’s America.

© 2016 Liza Morales



King’s Hope


his dreams
gasp for dear life
Lincoln Memorial
justice and peace, passionate fight
words of hope, seismic impact
striving for change
yes ……. still.

© 2016 Liza Morales

*butterfly cinquain*


Schooling of the Soul


Lessons can shift your spirit,
grab you by the neck
whisper in your ear
a dialect unknown
that calls the soul
to change the lens

There’s layers to unravel
until core is exposed
and revealed to the sun
for pains that awaken
the depths of our limbs

We’re born in the nude
untainted and exposed
but we have forgotten
the child inside–
our authentic selves

Lessons extinguish demons
clasping, crushing
suffocating breaths
gurgling in its blood
windpipes collapse

Newness begins to bloom
hyacinth and lilies entwined
sweet fragrance of birth
tumescent veins
surges with character.

©2016 Liza Morales