Moon Sky


November moonmoonlit November
universal gratitude
energy of love

©2015 Liza Morales


Across the Sea


they’re forced to flee
these refugees
from their backyard soil
to the anomalous
on vast oceans
who know no prejudice
they trust these waters
to carry their hopes,
their dreams and families
to the other side
where they will be accepted
so they pray for

winds urged them adrift
swelling in the waves
cold and full of rage
as their babies wail
a screeching echo
to the nearest land

it’s a painful journey
that threaten lives
while some are swallowed
in the bellies of the sea
and others arrive
to the shallow end
with aid and open arms–
but that’s not the case
everywhere they dock
there’s thirty-one states
from land of the free
that refuse their arrival
with deafened ears
and hardened hearts

humanity is consumed
by fear and hypocrisy
shown at prime times
of vulnerability

If only they knew
the weight of benevolence
and the stroke of altruism,
the world wouldn’t fear
the ability to love.

© 2015 Liza Morales