Placid (Haiku)



lay it on waters

still and calm – – crisp autumn night

mirrors in silence.


 ©2013 Liza Morales



Wind Speed (Haiku)


not even five months

he’s gone dancing with the winds

time heals uniquely.

©2013 Liza Morales


The Crossing


I gaze at footsteps

trek against nature —

an unconceived journey


further away, he treads

as the trail elongates

into a place without me


my breath becomes shallow

short and desperate

darting on grounds unpaved


arm grows numb

reaching in distance,

a deserting love


the kind with conditions,

never knowing the forever

that exists in the fight


now, I stand alone

on this barren path

with hopeless dreams


unfamiliar and cold–

I search for my way home

cautiously peering.. 


Where am I?


© 2013 Liza Morales


Last Winter’s Myth


I believed in it, with all my heart

regardless how it appeared before my eyes;

now, I choke from the unkept promises

that chawed through the blazing voices

in the crackle of burning logs

from last winter’s frigid nights.


I’d stare at the gleam in faith

to absorb the zeal in its dance

and preserve in me, a fervency

to commune my lambent touch,

calling for the fragrance of Spring;

to wrap us in the mercy of light


Each sunrise whispered proverbs of credence

that rejuvenated my daily might

from the vows of the sun to the moon

swearing in oath, its return,

after the evening’s bitter clench

that masticated our frozen limbs.


Our nights slept in arctic breaths

that crystallized in every gasp

as we exhaled each other’s name

with crippling bones that entwined

in search for an inkling of warmth

that only, you and I could transpose.


I cried out to the Almighty Father

on bended knee, to be your strength

and enrich the call of loyalty

with personalized supplications

because this too shall pass,

all in the name of commitment.


I prayed and wept, shards of devotion 

toward the covenant of last winter’s pledge

for the reaping of summer’s blessings

and the blossom of hearts, as one

but our bitter souls lacked to thaw

in time for the following season.

 ©2013 Liza Morales