Human Evolution


in life, we all face some drawbacks

at times, we stumble through the cracks

memories come surging like flashbacks

pains reach climax, pains reach climax
awakenings occur through pain

as lessons fall on us like rain

resistance will only add strain

it’s you to blame, it’s you to blame     
own your mistakes, decide to change   

new perspectives will rearrange   

preventing your soul to estrange

healthy exchange, healthy exchange.

©2017 Liza Morales 


A Quick Drive


There was an abysmal silence on this gelid, Sunday morning. My thoughts echoed loudly as I drove into work alongside the other two cars on the road. You could almost hear the snore of folks still sleeping, snuggled up under their winter quilts.

I reveled in this peace knowing it’ll last for about 15 minutes. My morning drive is one of my meditation times, alone and undisturbed. Though my body was quivering and my fingers were numb, my spirit was calm. One minute, I thought to myself, “sheesh, I need gloves”. Then the next, I found myself expelling words of gratitude for all that I do have. My heart felt full, just as I aim to feel everyday.

I looked around and observed the naked trees and the lonely roadway. I watched various birds fly over me in the cloudy skies, wondering where they were heading. They flew with such grace and confidence, seemingly unaffected by the cold. I admired their freedom. I had wished for a moment to live in a world like theirs; free of government, money, racism, misogyny, and police brutality. They basically migrate as they seem fit, live off the land, procreate and delve within the laws of nature. It sounds like a way that was intended for us all but not until control and power became humanity’s main feed. 

Regardless of what’s happening around me, I will continue to choose happiness. I will continue to take notice of the unnoticed and delve in the beauty of the world I live in and of the people who encase gleaming hearts. 

I’ve arrived to work safely and I am smiling. So, my day begins.
©2016 Liza Morales

Parent of a College Freshman


Today is Thursday, August 25, 2016.. my son’s first day of college.

I look at him and realize I am living in another generation. I too, like him, graduated high school and entered college at the age of 17. At that point in my life, I wasn’t totally certain what I wanted to do but I definitely knew I was going to be in the medical field. I’ve always found a level of gratification when caring for others. So, I attended Westchester Community College and graduated with an Associate degree in Radiologic Science. It was one of the best decisions I made. Working in the radiology field has enabled me to tend to people and make a difference in their lives.

I then decided to further my education and enrolled in CUNY Lehman College, just as my son has done. He has declared Accounting as his major. I have to say, this process is all very exciting. I revel in watching my children experience life. I enjoy witnessing, contributing and being part of their journey.

After observing myself, my thoughts and my feelings, I’ve become aware of my level of cognizance. I have not experienced the common anxiety that many parents go through during this time, which reveals to me I am on the right path. I am completely trusting in the journey. Ultimately, I realize that this is my son’s life and that my purpose is to simply love, teach and guide him but most importantly, support him. Support is key, especially during this crucial time in his life. I genuinely understand that he is entering an exploratory time. It is a time of discovery; a time of decision making; a time of building his future.

Generally, kids this age are confused and disconcerted with the transition. It is a major conduit into adulthood and as much as they want to be treated as an adult, they quickly learn that there’s a price to pay for this level of freedom and independence. As parents, we must respect the process and allow them the space for that growth. Their autonomy develops through our ‘letting go’. I know some parents who have a difficult time with this because they’re accustomed to keeping a tight grip on their children, even at this age but this must change and now is the time. We must understand that our children will make mistakes and sometimes enter a state of confusion or fear, just how we do. This is totally normal. The answer is to reassure them and remind them of their boundless capacity. Reassure them that everything will be okay and bolster their confidence with positive strokes. It is conducive to allow them to experience and err. That is the only way they will grow and maturate. Experience solicits observation, discernment, understanding, decision-making, critical thinking, vacillation and advancement for themselves. It would be a huge disservice to keep your parental leash tightened, in attempt to control their lives.

I am glad to know and acknowledge that his life is not mine. I am not his owner. He is my child and I am the vessel. There is a weightlessness in my life from recognizing and assenting this fact. Knowing who I am and my purpose in his life, allows me to interact and co-habitat with him more effectively. I understand that what I resist will only persist, so I aim to be like water, ever-flowing to life’s offerings. 

Another thing that I have quickly learned is that no matter how intense I’ve been with teaching and enlightening my son, there will be certain things he still feels differently about. As parents, it is us against the masses. Yes, we are their primary teachers and builders of foundation but ultimately, they will still have varying opinions and perspectives on certain matters because of the exposure they’ve had with the world .. and that’s okay. Sometimes, life lessons will be the teacher they need.

Trust and acceptance is fundamental at this stage for both parent and child. I am trusting in myself as a mother and all that I’ve applied in his upbringing from birth until now. I am trusting that he will implement the tools he has obtained in his life. I am accepting that he will make mistakes, yet trust he will find his way. I am accepting of who he is and who he’s blossoming to be. I am accepting of his choice to attend college and major in whatever moves him. 

I look forward to sharing this part of the journey and pray that my son and I are fortified enough to elevate in continual growth and consciousness.

Here’s to the first day of college!

I love you, Nilus.

Living Purposefully


There is always, always purpose in one’s presence or passing thru your life,
and same vice versa.
No matter the time frame, whether it’s for a moment, a season or a lifetime,
we should always aim to contribute positively to one’s life.
Enhance their being thru love and compassion.
Do not cause them any pain
or taint them with your insecurities,
but simply share light on this miraculous journey.
Embrace the interconnectedness.
Enlighten each other with new perspectives.
Understand the oneness we share
yet, encircle the beauty of our uniqueness.
And whenever the time comes to a close,
ensure that the goal has been fulfilled
and be grateful in knowing
that your presence made them a better person.


Thinking of you..


I think of you
on nights like this
when the sky is still
and the air is moist

I feel this warmth
slather slowly on me
like sticky summer days
til skins peel apart

rich dew manifests
on these long humid nights
quenching green meadows
that baptized our souls

diffused in its vastness
osmotic spirits blend
authentic as Spring
promising new life

with pause for poise
and lungs expanded
breaths rebirth
a zephyr of peace..

on nights like this,
I think of you                           

© 2015 Liza Morales