A Portion of Love


as I love on you
my soul widens
my belly fills 
with love and lessons. 

the marrow of healing
quenches my limbs 
with tales of the righteous–
inspirational souls. 

I grow because of you
and not because of you
fruit-bearing abundance
licking the blades of earth 

from the seeds that lay to rest
but not for too long,
there is responsibility
in the pace and peace of nature. 

I flow in that tune
and there, you are found
blossoming to the rhythm 
of communing spirits. 

easy and light, it unravels
profoundness in words unsaid
as spirit leads the way,
to descry my way home. 

home — that nook of breath
that hums to my drum
as I hear confirmations
whispered by forefathers.  

listen to them with your heart
as the love seeps thru generations
into our veins of purpose
oxygenated with life.  

we are guided by the light
fattening our spirits with magic
aerial flights of spring
bring forth the freedom of soul  

with wings spanned wide
proficient to soar above
the ruins of yesterday’s chaos
have transformed into gems. 

love equips for the conquering
for the toiling
for the soiling
and sowing of fresh.                        

©2014 Liza Morales