It Is Me


Do not fret, dearly beloved

Yes, it is me..


It is me who is standing

behind the silence of your mind

the unattended part

where courage awaits

to entrench your core.


It is me who garners the whispers

embraced by the heart

and all of the smiles

left in the embers

of our longing souls.


It is me who savors the breaths

exhaled by the shore,

where the sand wrapped our limbs

pervading each crevice

of our bodies entwined.


It is me who supports you

the pillars of your weakness

and the spattering of your pains

for they become mine

I, am one with you.


Despite the fact you are mindful,

you do not recognize me;

although you have noticed

that something is there

a recondite spirit,

but even the scent is different.


Oh, dear heart of mine

you will only know

the aura of this lotus

that buds within me

through the giver of life,

He will be the One to show you.


You will not find me

in the swelling of the streets

nor the density of pride.


You will not find me

on the tongue of a liar

nor befriending the ego


but simply

in the sweetness of hyacinth

and in the peace of nighttime.


In your heart,

you will know

as you go out to the field

where the grass is marked

with silhoutte, on the greens.


In your heart,

you will know

as you listen for His voice


He will clear uncertainties

by offering you — love

in the purest form.


Then, you will know.

© 2014 Liza Morales

Gods gift


In Honor of Spiritual Healing


The Lord, my God
gave us the gift of free will,
the freedom to choose
right from wrong,
in hopes we parallel
in accordance to His will.
I know for me
as I speak of myself
I have not always
done right by Him,
setting myself up
for the wrath of consequences;but it is the sinners
who are called upon,
whether we answer, or not
to come forth in repentance
to the Almighty Father,
as our final cure.
And forth, I have stepped
face-to-face with Jehovah Rapha
and I’ve repeated Psalms 51:10
in prayer and in praise,
“Create in me a pure heart, oh God,
renew a steadfast spirit in me”.
I know He has heard me
yet, I still call out to Him
everyday of my life
knowing, as humans
there is no perfection.I
I call unto Him
to be graced with His healing power
to make me whole
and cleansed from sin.

Ya see
He indeed, answers our prayers
but there is a process first
a process that we must bear
it is His tough love.
God knows exactly what we need
and how we need it
to be moved by the lesson
through His divine discipline.
To be touched by His healing powers
most often comes in the form of pain
before you revel in the light of beneficence;

it is chastisement–
“Whom the Lord loves, He chastens”
and I, myself
accept that wholeheartedly.Through His grace
I’m reminded of who I am
inhaling the essence of my core 
and in the interim,
I begin to soar
for it is His love
that makes me shine
and it is His mercy
that restores my brokenness.

Thank you, Jehovah Rapha. Thank you for finding me worthy of your love
Thank you for your healing powers. May I continue to grow in your light. May all of the world come to know you.

©2014 Liza Morales

Drought (Didactic Cinquain)



Somalian, famished

thirsting, starving, dying

children suffer in poverty


©  2014 Liza Morales


Didactic Cinquain:

*first line is a one-word title (subject of the poem)
*second line is a pair of adjectives describing the title
*third line has three words (gerunds), providing more info on subject
*fourth line  has four words describing feelings related to subject
*fifth line is a single-word synonym or reference to line one

[this form of poetry works with words, not syllables]

Pheromones 6/30


as it manifests in thoughts
energy transforms through me
swelling the vessels with flow
incandescent frequencies.

the scent begins to arise
diffusing through the air
that fills the space, swollen
to where ever you are.

aromas, enamour
I pause in its realm
sufflating my cells
in this redolent fragrance

it’s raw and earthy
like the terra’s marrow
and roots of a salem oak
so heavenly

it goes beyond the flesh
aerial entanglements
that exude the incense
of love aflamed.

©2014 Liza Morales


The Flood of 2008 (Haiku)


fell to bathroom ground
she snored, he could not lift her
they dragged her body

dad, I missed your calls
sorry, I was in the gym
what’s wrong daddy, eh?

mom intubated
massive bleed, drowning in blood

could not wrap this thought
choking – arduous swallow
I had to know it

blessed to be the one
connect, tears and songs all night
pulsing hearts — rhythm

prayers and hymns, I wept
sunrise, love surrounded us
we both surrendered.


© 2014 Liza Morales


[Today, six years ago, my mother collapsed in the bathroom from a brain hemorrhage, while dad was dying from cancer.
By the time she reached the hospital, it was proven that her life was coming to a sudden end. I stood with her, just she and I, for the last night of her life. I sang to her, sopped her with my tears, spoke words of encouragement and acceptance and finally let her go.
I miss my best friend.]