The Abandoned Island



Puerto Ricans

there’s war on my people

sterilization, genocide

for years



abandonment of the island

I hear their cries — it burns

quieted deaths


©2017 Liza Morales


The Swiftness of September



September seems
to have snatched
the Summer somewhere
the season shifted
so sharply and speedily,
sooner than scheduled

succeeding seasons
should steer and hold still
slowly switch its stride
savor the sum of significance
and set the stage up
for Summer to salute us
and save our sanity
like a summertime sunset

spirit stays sound
centered in sincerity
sliding through seasons
that serve several purposes
through space and the skies
stable and full of stamina

shivery airs
seep through my sill
saturating the sheets
with satiny sentences
that summons my service
to start another scribe
about what strays
and what stays–
a spiritual spy

special senses
signal me to surrender
like sacred songs
and sincere sayings
so, I start to scribble
a spoon of sentiments
slaying the speed
by seducing the secret
with stylish steps
towards the sudden sight
of a swaying Fall.

©2017 Liza Morales