Lunar Splendor


way up
in a heaven’s distance
sits the Queen of night
full and robust
exuding an illumined grace
from the tongue of her sphere.
her mere presence
enveloped by depths of darkness
magnetizes the nucleus in me
with tingling sensations
prodding our connection
through celestial passion.
I close my eyes
with neck cranked back
as the fleeting shade
consumes the flimmer of light
delicately transforming
with a sweet allurement.
a carnation pours onto
her annular body
with a slither of radiance
left to drool over;
the sky, clear and still
as the eclipse spews peace
to overturn the soul
free from obscurity.
the wounds heal
and wandering shadows renew
seeping from the orange fire
that dampens the sky’s lips.
complete, with sailing hearts
and balls of energy
a fragrance of life ripens
through this lunar splendor.

©2015 Liza Morales

Photo Credits: Armani Rodriguez

Photo Credits: Armani Rodriguez