On the Plane


In the Sky

the fear is diminishing
from that time
we almost couldn’t land
when landing gears got stuck
as we approached the airport
rumbles and thumping sounds
the aircraft shook a little
sensing something was wrong
I felt uneasy, but
we proceeded to land
at a pretty fast speed
brakes seemed malfunctioned
Laguardia’s runway is short
I thought we were going in the water
balmy hands squeeze arm rests
shutting eyes with anticipation
waiting to see what would happen
Am I going to die now?
No! I didn’t want to think about that
but it kept popping in my mind
it was a battle
I was scared
I was not ready to die
I have so much love left in me
this can’t be it!

but then, there was a moment
a moment of surrender
knowing it was out of my control
as the brakes made shrieking sounds
and the tires, discordant on the grounds
my sister and I gazed in fear
mouth agape
in shock of this reality
Is this it for us?
we began to slide from our seats
from the force of the brakes
the plane struggled to stop
we clenched our eyes
I prayed real hard, then
the screeching sounds ceased
and the plane came to a halt
it felt like I just woke up
from a really bad dream
a traumatic experience
after the pilot confirmed
“there were technical difficulties
with the landing gear”
fearful for twenty years after
wanting to travel
but not by plane
not wanting to take the risk
because next time
technical difficulties
may lead to my death…

until a transition occurred
in me, spiritually
practicing more acceptance
living in the moments
releasing my fears
especially of flying
because, you know
I wanna see the world
and how could I do that without flying?
after all,
what’s more beautiful
than flying above the clouds
coursing through blue skies
an aerial intoxication
up high, against gravity
my existence feels different
it feels destined
and purposeful

I continue to fly.

©2017 Liza Morales


On Impact 25/30


the usual 8 to 4
on a luminous, spring day
brisk walk, lunch break
Dunkin Donuts, blocks away
tuna on croissant
brown bagged, headed back
traversing crosswalk
in money earnin’
north 6th avenue
corner of city hall
peripheral vision
a car drew closer
from halfway down block
stop sign said STOP
audible tones
in red and white
unhurried motion
moments passed
a thrusting blow
right side of body
flight up, sling shot
like a stunt trick
on hood of car
this young body
rolled then debarked
hard landing
slathered on sediments
black concrete
brawny thighs
battered to a blemish
in purple rain
on pearl white skin
cervical pain
spinal bulging
tingling sensations
muscle spasms

but these discomforts
emphasize the life in me..
spared, I’m grateful
breath is still granted.

©2016 Liza Morales