Thinking of you..


I think of you
on nights like this
when the sky is still
and the air is moist

I feel this warmth
slather slowly on me
like sticky summer days
til skins peel apart

rich dew manifests
on these long humid nights
quenching green meadows
that baptized our souls

diffused in its vastness
osmotic spirits blend
authentic as Spring
promising new life

with pause for poise
and lungs expanded
breaths rebirth
a zephyr of peace..

on nights like this,
I think of you                           

© 2015 Liza Morales


April Awakening 1~30


cerulean skies

clouds sift the core of spring space

melodies adrift

air, birds chirp

blossoming branches sprout red

awakenings rise

seasons deed patience

songs of revival, new mind

conscious breaths exhale.

©2015 Liza Morales