Much of Growth


Why am I so sensitive?
Why do I feel so much?
much like sharp empathies
much like those who easily cry
cry like a thunderstorm, or
cry subtly, like misty rain
rain can cleanse you
rain falls in seasons
seasons prompt adaptation
seasons encompass change
change is always the constant
change can be scary sometimes
sometimes we fear the unknown
sometimes we flow like water
water covers most of the earth
water gives us life
life vessels our purpose
life is different for everyone
everyone walks their own path
everyone wants to be loved
loved wholly and fully
loved like they deserve to be
be true to yourself
be considerate of others
others may not be mindful
others will learn through your actions
actions translate a language
actions share more than you tell
tell the stories of ancestors
tell all of the truths
truths make liars uncomfortable
truths peel off the masks
masks hide transgressions
masks fool people
people like social media
people paint pictures
pictures with filters
pictures of their perception
perception is a crucial lens
perception becomes one’s reality
reality of life
reality of time
time is an illusion
time is our forever
forever lives the spirit
forever allows space for growth
growth of self
growth makes us better

©2018 Liza Morales


Ten Years

the hands of time
have spun out of control
rotating swiftly
fast-forward button
3,650 days
and still, this void
left dangling in the world
detached from her breast
augmentation severed
her scent is faded
her voice now a whisper
but the spirit is strong
I feel her often
especially in the kitchen
she’s the gut of sofrito
resonating in the air
her hand on mine
as I stir boiling rice
just enough water
to make the grains fluffy
she’s the perfect amount
of hispanic seasonings
a culmination
of abuela’s teachings
now I repeat the cycle
let her live through me
my children still taste her
oh, how they miss her
how could we not
the Queen of our family
the giver of love
the unconditional kind
I wish she were still here
my flesh is selfish
wanting her physical presence
but then spirit reminds me
I live her endlessness
I rest well tonight.
© 2018 Liza Morales

Morning Rain


​the pitter patter 

against my window pane

is like a present spirit         

awakened by its sweet scent 

aromas rise from the concrete 

the Bronx smells differently


the rhythm of this rain

speaks a special language

the heart understands


through adjectives and metaphors

and varying intonations 

I inhale this morning’s poem

rain falls consistently

weightless and sure 

my day begins. 


©2016 Liza Morales

Cosmic Floetry


​without a single word

energy speaks as voice

vibrating thru frequencies

that transfer our truth.
a gleam is formed

from cellular resonance

and quivers the universe

with authentic vibes;

can’t fake it, nor change it

or make it what it’s not

but simply embrace it 

accepting what it is.

everything is energy

a pulsing in the air

coming from within

out, into the  field —

a field of shared space 

a field of measured time,

where spirits take heed

to the nurturing of soul.

and if there’s disruption

or our peace mangles up

spirit knows unnatural

and distances itself.

truth illuminates

pure authenticity

it’s what feels right,

a congruous flow..


and without a single word

energy speaks as voice

vibrating thru frequencies

that transfer our truth,


© 2015 Liza Morales

The Bend of Time


as the day simmers by

and patience wears thin

the unhurried time

almost seems idle.

mornings are embellished

with the rising of sun

embraced by your limbs 

and our pressing heartbeats.

we struggle to detach

even knowing it’s temporary

but the day must commence 

after your loving adieu.

a yearn is birthed 

with immediate desires

missing your presence

before your departure.

this serves as a reminder

through division of time

you are not mine alone

but fragments to the world.

spirit doesn’t know time

since its call for you

is constant and perpetual 

and uninterrupted.

even from a distance

your spirit pulls mine

a cosmic exchange

vibrations unmoored.


until evening returns

and your presence recoils

the unhurried time

almost seems idle.

©2016 Liza Morales 

I Can Feel You


​I can feel you

vibrating spirit
in summer thickness

swollen particles
I breathe volumes

of night’s poetry
words and scents

move adrift
strumming curves

of freckled shoulders
a homely presence

like rhythm in throat
ancestral songs

truths in us
love-brimmed souls 

harmonize from afar 

I feel you. 
©2016 Liza Morales

Incense of Spirit


thoughtless and still
as the smoke dances
frankincense and myrrh
furnish my lungs
quiet and becalmed
slothful heartbeat
peace consumes me
in the present moment
it is all I have
the here and now
and a grateful heart
that keeps me grounded
my soul aflame
a constant urge
to share my love
with a hungry world
a base of fortitude
has brought me here
backbone and scars
delicate human
I continue to breathe
this beauteous life
with mindful breaths
and conscious pauses
the air has thickened
from incense ablaze
a swirling medicine
that awakens my spirit
meditation opens
portals of energy
the sacred chakras
third eye enhanced
with ease, I pray
all souls find balance
allowance to heal
the cleansing of core.

©2016 Liza Morales