Mama Earth


self sustaining globe

mainly comprised of water

yet we plunder her

stop and care a little, she’s

nurturer of existence.

©2017 Liza Morales




she keeps running


refusing to face herself


truths await to be exhumed

unconsciously, she revels in her own demise–  lost soul.

©2017 Liza Morales

Sweetener 27/30


I like my coffee hot, real hot. I prefer it bold and robust and lightly sweetened. Sometimes, I use flavored creamers to sweeten it, other times I use organic raw sugar.
I must say, every time I use sugar, I can’t help but think of my island, Puerto Rico and its rich production of sugar in the 19th century. I can’t help being reminded of the hourless days they toiled under grave conditions, for pennies a day. I can’t help but think of all the slaves that were imported for the greed of gluttons. I can’t help but think of how Puerto Rico’s sugar industry was manipulated, drained of their resources and ultimately dominated by outside capital, the United States.

sugar industry
arable land, plantations
stolen molasses.

©2016 Liza Morales

(Haibun poetry)

Meaningless Encounter 9/30


                         empty love
                   leaves you barren

                  ©2016 Liza Morales

                     (Lanturne poetry)


Living Light 5/30


Every night my soul is guarded from threats
his strong caress enfolds my existence
with limbs that clasp soundly, moistened in sweats

We drift off into dreams, in a distance
where our feet hurdle clouds under the stars
and the moon and sun teach nonresistance

Our breaths heave stories, unwritten memoirs
energies coalesced in dimension
vibrating in frequencies reaching Mars

Our fears and doubts hold out in suspension
as we persist for love to lead the way
then it all feels light, dismantled tension

Honor and loyalty is how we pray
To awaken righteously everyday.

©2016 Liza Morales

(Terza Rima poetry)