Human Evolution


in life, we all face some drawbacks

at times, we stumble through the cracks

memories come surging like flashbacks

pains reach climax, pains reach climax
awakenings occur through pain

as lessons fall on us like rain

resistance will only add strain

it’s you to blame, it’s you to blame     
own your mistakes, decide to change   

new perspectives will rearrange   

preventing your soul to estrange

healthy exchange, healthy exchange.

©2017 Liza Morales 


My Budding Soul 23/30


watch this garden flourish from my soul
seedlings of love embedded in a hole
that’s where magic begins to germinate
and roots of fortitude strive to navigate
like encircling vines that wrap a pole

nurturing the core is my daily goal
and letting go what’s beyond my control
allowing the self to ultimately elevate this garden flourish

I’ll continue to recover what my demons stole
they tried so hard from keeping me whole
but a soul like mine is not meant to dissipate
stems are strengthened and start to regenerate
to negate everything that’s been a toll this garden flourish.

©2016 Liza Morales

(Rondeau poetry)


Kujichagulia (Tanka)


as you set your goals
be mindful of your loved ones
aim for betterment
the world needs the best of you
regard your steps in favor.

©2013 Liza Morales


Kujichagulia – Self-Determination
Implied and embedded in the principle self-determination is the notion of respect which a people have for its culture and historical and current contribution to the world. At the family level this translates into the art, music, and literature which is possessed or a part of the home. It obligates parents to follow Cater G. Woodson’s lead in teaching African American History first in the home, ensuring that children and adult know that they have made a special and enduring contribution to the world, that the African American experience in America is worthy of praise and honor, that as Bethune elegantly Stated: “I want Negroes to maintain their human dignity at all costs. We, as Negroes, must recognize that we are the custodians as well as the heirs of a great civilization. We have given something to the world as a race and for this we are proud and fully conscious of our place in the total picture of mankind’s development.”