Sunset on Ice


river formed glaciers

as the sun said its goodnight

a frigid evening.

©2018 Liza Morales




there’s a fragrance that rises

from the decadence of spring

adorned by a theme

of life and revival

a time that dwindles off

the murk of winter

flowers germinate

and the trees redress

greens, lavendar and pink

a gorgeous, pastel painting

the air becomes diaphanous

and the sun comes out to play

revving the zest in spirits

that froze over last season

children’s laughter ring louder

and breezes sing songs of hope

as energies amplify

from the essence of vigor beings

temperatures begin to ascend

in gradual increments

preparing us

for the entrance of summer

but until then,

I’ll revel in this space

of reincarnation

and slow breaths

of the present moment.

©2017 Liza Morales 



feelings, the colors to life
that come and go
and course like streams. 

yellows and pinks feel like Spring
during the anthesis
vibrant skies, widened smiles. 

low vibrations draw in the blues
that drown in its sadness
of pains and turbulence. 

there’s confidence in the toil
orange hues and subtle browns
a harvesting of the soul.      

depths of black feed monsters
blinding the mind of hope
and the heart, of righteousness. 

but white always reminds me
of the acquaintance with my feelings
and of the peace in letting go. 

©2015 Liza Morales