Different Directions


here it is

from the root

the map of life

a limb of earth

our path

our journey



extensions of core

upward, onward

or hanging; stuck


for a moment

or a few

tight spaces

which way do I go? 

choices, decisions

keep going

more water

more light

tilled soil gives back

in different directions. 


©2017 Liza Morales 


Revelations 2~30


I didn’t get here by

singing and skipping

over dandelions and butterflies

and lush, green grass.


it wasn’t a beautiful day in this neighborhood

on a warm, spring afternoon

that led the way.

It seemed as though

nights began to keep close

festering in its darkness

that lingered over my head.

The moon showed consistency

cycle after cycle

as my chest caved in

and my cries wailed to the stars.

With knuckles bare and shaven,

I yanked at the tips

of fractured ribs

pulling them apart

to expose this cavity

that was rotting and decaying

from malfunctioning morals.

The pains were born from sin

torment, excruciating affliction

but not more than the agony

of a soul who aches to be cleansed.

And just through a frame of mind

and a willingness to surrender,

I began to feel the sun again

as it laid kisses

on my freckled skin.

It reminded of the light within

and how I was born

holy and blameless.

I learned that self-love

does not involve

compromising yourself

for the comfortability of others

and that pointing fingers

is a form of cowardice

and that the lack to surrender

leads to a dead end street.

Spirit taught lessons,

valuable lessons

that were once muted

to relinquish the conditionings

that weren’t moved by love

or set with selfless intentions.

Ego had a problem with that

but then I had a problem with ego

realizing, it’s been the enemy

all along.

©2015 Liza Morales