she keeps running


refusing to face herself


truths await to be exhumed

unconsciously, she revels in her own demise–  lost soul.

©2017 Liza Morales


You Are My Gift


I thank you for being
life’s most gracious gift
the vessel you gave yourself to be–
a conduit of God’s undying love.
It is you I thank
for leading me in compassion
walking me toward the light
from the seed God planted in you.
You took me in, fractured and bruised
while hoarding layers, mask after mask
deserting the core
smoke screens and bulwarks.
Unresolved and less than whole,
you chose to love me
and bore the brunt of a life
of pain and dysfunction.
You carried me through
with the lessons of life,
and our spiritual dance
from the flowers to the stars.
You swayed my soul in peace
with light and gentleness
reminding me of the beauty within
behind the live scars.
Unfair of me to have loved you
with shattered pieces clutched in my fists
choking through insecurities
the poison of this demise.

But as I grow in self-love
with God, the center of all
my soul outstretches
till the layers become severed.
I reach back to who I am
marrow of my bone
to embrace the whole of me
and love you in wholeness.

I see me. I see me now.

I take it
I own it.

© 2013 Liza Morales