we are conditioned to build walls

through culture, religion and politics

an example taught early on

training the unconscious mind, 

like forming cliques in school

or hiding what you really feel

because vulnerability is weak

and ego can’t handle that

so freedom and power is abused 

like the country I am from

who build structures with height

that stand with such arrogance

forbidding others to walk this land

as if immigrants are unworthy

to live and breathe on American soil

Dilcy Yohan didn’t feel that way

afrer leaving his wife and three children 

to trek his way out of poverty

from his homeland of Honduras

this sacrifice was his only hope

a journey, long and perilous 

steel beams and concrete

was only half his mission

Earth is equally ours

so why create borders..

when residents of this country

migrate without being challenged

like birds, bees and butterflies?

Is this a course ingraining separation..

imbuing the American people

with a belief of superiority 

over beings of the human race?

I even feel guilty sometimes

when I travel to other countries

knowing the natives of that land

are monarchs trapped in cocoons 

raped of freedom and equality

and irrefutable possibilities 

leaving them with aim to survive

and the bare essentials to life

Yohan journeyed up north

into the mouth of a grand beast 

roasting up to 125°F in the day

but reaches freezing levels at night

you see,  the Arizona desert is desensitized

just like American politicians

who invest billions on borders

instead of human life

Yohan became another statistic

swallowed by the Sonoran desert

after walking about 58 days

20 miles shy of Tuscon

now, his children remain fatherless

and his wife, a poor widow

while this family still suffers

from the walls we keep building. 

©2016 Liza Morales