Cosmic Floetry


​without a single word

energy speaks as voice

vibrating thru frequencies

that transfer our truth.
a gleam is formed

from cellular resonance

and quivers the universe

with authentic vibes;

can’t fake it, nor change it

or make it what it’s not

but simply embrace it 

accepting what it is.

everything is energy

a pulsing in the air

coming from within

out, into the  field —

a field of shared space 

a field of measured time,

where spirits take heed

to the nurturing of soul.

and if there’s disruption

or our peace mangles up

spirit knows unnatural

and distances itself.

truth illuminates

pure authenticity

it’s what feels right,

a congruous flow..


and without a single word

energy speaks as voice

vibrating thru frequencies

that transfer our truth,


© 2015 Liza Morales


A Testimony


Several weeks ago, I posted on the social forum, commonly known as facebook, my daily supplication, which at the time was Psalm 51:10 – “Create in me a pure heart O God and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” They were words I made to be a burning prayer. They were words that were repeated in harmony of the Light within. I have called out to the Creator, asking Him for the gifts of purification and salvation — if He was so gracious to find me worthy of it. I have surrendered to total restoration, a gift supplied after the painful process of giving birth. It is through pain that awakens us and increase our mindfulness and appreciation of what we have in our lives. Honor it!
The Lord, my God, is the knower of all. He has created the blue print of a Master Plan. Each one of our lives serve purpose, uniquely. He knew us before our existence in our mother’s womb. He knows exactly what it will take to expand our souls. A run through fire has the power to sedate ego. That is the moment when you realize the Almighty calls the shots. All we are to do is remain humbled and opened to His calling.
One day, I went to church for Women’s Worship and one of my sistren from the congregation led the evening. She prayed. She shared testimonies. She stripped down to a weak, human soul before us, in tears and prayers, sharing the profoundness of God’s works. She elaborated the importance of recognizing our status with God. “We are chosen”, she said. As we nourish our relationship with God, faith is strengthened and fortified. The communion becomes so distinct, His voice speaks directly to you, unambiguously. There is no question nor doubt in the uniqueness of His voice. His communication is delivered through various vessels. Sometimes, He works through people and sometimes through books. Other times He speaks through the waves of the ocean.
Our sister, at church, ended the evening off by inviting each woman up to the front, to retrieve a single envelope from the woven basket she had filled with approximately 30-40 envelopes. All the envelopes were white and unmarked. She kindly asked us to refrain from opening them, until she instructed us to do so. Once everyone had an envelope and were back in their seats, she continued to remind us, that each woman that was present, were all chosen. She proceeded to pass around a microphone and asked us to open our envelopes and take turns reading the message aloud, on the mic. As the first woman began to read the words off her paper that was tucked away, I was tearing open my envelope. As I began to unfold the strip of paper, my mind was anxious to know, what it read. The first word I saw was Psalm, followed by the numbers 51:10. My hands immediately began to tremble as the tears rolled down my cheeks. At that instant, God’s voice roared. Next minute, I realized the mic was being passed to me. I stood up in tears with a shaky voice and shared the significance of my humbled excitement. For crying out loud, what are the chances? There are approximately 31,327 verses in the Bible and amongst all those verses and the forty women in the room, I received the biblical verse I had been praying on all along.

Thank you for the confirmation.
Thank you for your reassurance.
Thank you for your beneficence.
Thank you for loving me unconditionally.
Thank you for using my sister as a conduit to your voice.

There are no coincidences!