Excuse me, are these your kids?



I get sucked into their mouths

where breaths are lost

inhalations are dense

but I hear the words

birthed in their throats

lungs filled halfway

they’re drowning

empty and trapped

with fist pounding chest

yearning for your love


their empty stomachs

weep at night

when you’re not home

they ache for presence

confusion, neglect

they don’t understand

but eagerness drives them

to comprehend

your self-hate

and ‘why?’

and ‘what happened?’

the gut churns

from the feeding of lies

rushed mornings

have become the norm

screechy voice

yelling ‘hurry up!’

and ‘where’s my keys?’

agitated nerves

peace seems to pass you

regurgitating darkness

tainting the spirits

that surround you

so, they wander

like lost cubs finding a way

scared and alone

clinging on to

the threads that dangle

redundant patterns

absence stings less

as time goes by

afflictions get heavy

hormones fatten

feelings flood high

perspectives surface

little by little

boyhood disintegrates

way ahead of time

rage builds up

resentment takes tow

they see you

they see all of you



and look at them.

Are these your kids?


©2017 Liza Morales









dropped bombs

poisonous gas 

a chemical assault

Syrian children and mothers


paralysis, brimmed lungs, foamed mouths 

bodies blanket the ground

further from peace

war crime. 
© 2017 Liza Morales
photo credit: NY Times

Losing Them to the Digital Realm


pains are conceived

through the screams of loneliness

that reside in the chests

of this coming generation

our babies are birthed

through the mouth of technology

with headphones on their ears

remote controls in their palm

their fingers 

barely long enough

to wrap the control

and press the buttons

some grown folk find it cute

and allow these children

to master the game

unsupervised and unstructured

retarding their development

as video games replace time

the new babysitting service

four, eight, even twelve hours

some parents subscribe to

just so they could live selfishly

unmindful of the neglect

from all the hours of playing

instead of feeding their brains

with reading and mathematics

a quarter of their time towards homework

our children are being raised

in distance and disconnect

as they grow from toddlers

to teens, then adults

incompetent to socially interact

because human synergies are weird

and conversations are difficult

as the digital world

becomes the only thing

to bring forth comfort

to their social awkwardness

as eye contact is nulled

ambitions become snuffed

from a lack of fortitude

trust me, no child wants this

they should be taught about balance

and shown what they can reap through discipline

yeah, gaming is fun

but there’s no substitute

to the fortification they deserve

deep down, there’s a solitude

being strengthened through graphics

represented through a fantasy world

that they portray as real

this lack of communion 

increases desensitization 

diminishes empathy

while their core really wants

your time and attention

nothing replaces physical contact

nor human affection

nothing replaces the time that slips away

with the heartless cyber world 

so, drop the controls

hug, kiss and laugh

go to the park and run around

set precedence of a healthy relationship

before we lose them all

to the darkness of this realm. 

©2017 Liza Morales 

Drought (Didactic Cinquain)



Somalian, famished

thirsting, starving, dying

children suffer in poverty


©  2014 Liza Morales



Didactic Cinquain:

*first line is a one-word title (subject of the poem)
*second line is a pair of adjectives describing the title
*third line has three words (gerunds), providing more info on subject
*fourth line  has four words describing feelings related to subject
*fifth line is a single-word synonym or reference to line one

[this form of poetry works with words, not syllables]

Holiday Recipe (Haiku)


Christmas eve cookies
quality time and sweet smiles
create memories.

©2013 Liza Morales


Family time is priceless, even more so with children. They are simple creatures, just needing to be loved. The holiday season is an ideal time to create unforgettable memories with them.

Remember, it’s not about presents. It’s about presence.
That indeed, is the best gift!

Happy Holidays!