The Magic of Fingertips

the human touch, a freeing sensation
skin, conduit
vibrations channel through pores, intercourse
bliss, full of it
there’s something grand in the phenomenon
a lofty feel
authentic and bare, a raw creation
the layers peel
swapping energies for exchange of light
we’re face to face
it’s like the world wraps us in its bosom
a warm embrace
with the stroke of each finger, there’s healing
our touch is medicinal, sound feeling.
© 2018 Liza Morales

Our Demise 4/30


Why would we destruct sweet Mother Earth
our only home
Where keeping water clean and saving trees 
are overthrown

Our food and plants lend their curing essence
from root to cell
But the government poisons resources
our living hell

Organic medicines culled from raw soils
are damn near banned.
Plants and cures are hidden, their agenda
prescription land

Instead they rob us, quality of life
By poisoning our world, these times of strife

©2016 Liza Morales

(Cavatina poetry)