My Day Off


my day off from work
free and calm, at peace with me
as solitude calls

stillness is my choice
thoughts and feelings pass right through
I’m my observer

moving with spirit
I read to be enlightened
I write to release

plants oxygenate
refined breaths reciprocate
a purified space

my soul feels lighter
like the sunshine that gleams in
life’s authentic way.

©2018 Liza Morales


The Radiator


the radiator’s hiss

continues to remind me

how fortunate I am

to rest in warmth

as quilts envelop my body

fluffed pillows do the same

I lay still and in silence

gazing out the window

to a winter wonderland

watching snow swirl around

guided by the winds

blanketing these Bronx streets

the trees are quite admirable

as they wildly pendulate

to the pulse of the city

with such grace and style

all covered in white

I could only imagine

having such strength

radiators continue to hiss

piercingly loud

echoing from every room

preventing me to know

the struggle it is

to live in the bitter cold.

I’m blessed.

©2018 Liza Morales

Attempted Homicide


I heard the gurgling

the panic in gasping breaths


bobbing frantically

hands outstretched


so, I extended .. in return

your fingers encircled mine


then, yanked

trying to pull me in

as you climb out

but you must’ve forgotten

breath is what I preserve

I know how to swim–


I wish you did too.

©Liza Morales