The Unwritten


For so very long

you asked me insistently

to write a poem about you

after reading some of my work

your request was made

with obvious expectations

as if you wanted something

something to be proud of

something all about you

never considering

the writer’s perspective

after enduring betrayal

from your selfish soul

As the years have gone

I could not find myself

to scribe about you

because the ink would fall messy

like pain in your children’s tears


please allow me to be honest

though truth makes you uneasy

I couldn’t find anything good to say

I know you wanted words of praise

impressive adjectives

to paint you into something you’re not

to match the masks you wear

though they change quite often

reckoning who’s around.

You do not fool me,

I already know your tones of sadness

that hide behind your fake laugh

and even the varying intonations

of your unconvincing lies

I’ve been a student of yours

yearning to understand

your fears and insecurities

and acquaint myself with your scars

but your arms wrap too tightly

around the shackles that bind you

not because it feels good

but because you’re more comfortable there

with agony in my chest,

I’ve been waiting

for the evolution of your heart

and the death of your ego

but it seems as if

your psyche has convinced you

that love and peace are useless

and insolence is preferable.

at this point, I digress

as I focus on preserving my peace

and choosing to practice acceptance

I will give love, where love is wanted

and embrace the love that comes back.


your lashing has made me weary

as you continue to live so recklessly

hurting yourself and those around you

I retract my outstretched hand


©2017 Liza Morales



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