Together, We March


​in solidarity, with delicate wings

we fly for the Queens of the world

the backbone of Earth’s axis


we follow our ancestors

who murmur in these cracked streets

bellows of exhaustion

but there’s a plowing force

that’s birthed from within

hundreds of years ago

that fought to prove it’s worth

as we fight today for the same

with pounding chambers

heartbeats sound similar

our blood the same, bright red

but privilege doesn’t know it

our feet are swollen and tired 

but tread forth in thick cement

in motion, before it hardens

this is more than a march

it’s a shout out from the womb

a language of the soul

passed torch, bosoms weigh heavy 

unloading seems impossible

but a woman’s strength is stout

we do not wish for this battle

but the attempt to rescind our rights

will not happen without a fight.

©2017 Liza Morales 


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