Incense of Spirit


thoughtless and still
as the smoke dances
frankincense and myrrh
furnish my lungs
quiet and becalmed
slothful heartbeat
peace consumes me
in the present moment
it is all I have
the here and now
and a grateful heart
that keeps me grounded
my soul aflame
a constant urge
to share my love
with a hungry world
a base of fortitude
has brought me here
backbone and scars
delicate human
I continue to breathe
this beauteous life
with mindful breaths
and conscious pauses
the air has thickened
from incense ablaze
a swirling medicine
that awakens my spirit
meditation opens
portals of energy
the sacred chakras
third eye enhanced
with ease, I pray
all souls find balance
allowance to heal
the cleansing of core.

©2016 Liza Morales



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