The Unnatural Realm of Racism 17/30


Animosity isn’t something we’re born with
Bigotry is birthed through the tainted
Children do not see color
Division is permeated through the ignorant
Everyone should consider what they condone
Fighting people because of skin tone is senseless
Give of yourself and fuse the gap
Honor each other as human beings
Illuminate your relations with light from within
Jealousy and fear are illusionary
Know that you are a beaming ray of love
Let’s conquer this cultivation of racism
Mindfulness is all it takes
No one is better than the next person
Oppressors think they are but they’ve been misinformed
People are dying for no legitimate reason
Quiet down for a moment and listen to breath
Rest the palm of your hand on your chest
Sync into the rhythm of your pulse
Teach our children they are beauteous souls
Understand others before being understood
Venerate the essence of our ancestors
Wake up and aim to be the change
Xenial encounters will make life smoother
Your state of mind will alter your course of actions
Zeal and determination will get us through.

© 2016 Liza Morales

(Alphabet Acronym poetry)



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