I Am Not Judging You 12/30


I am not judging you

I promise you, I’m not

What would that make me

if I had such audacity?

I’m too busy loving you

coming to terms with who you are

praying to accept your ways

even if they’re hurtful .

I am not here to judge

I have no right–

To judge is to infer,

to think or hold as an opinion

but what I see in you

is not an opinion

but a mere reflection

of what lives within.

I won’t even lie

but sometimes I wish

I had the power to fix you

and remind you of your value

just so, you could love you

and all those around you.

I know it’s hard for you to see

the pain you place unto others,

the constant, thoughtless acts

your ego entertains.

Yes, as children of God

we should love one another

just as we’d love ourselves

but to adhere to such a task

has been challenging for you

and I’m saddened to see that

because you’re deserving of it.

Acceptance is challenging

but necessary for the balance

so, I aim to accept you

for who you are

but if ‘who you are’

entails hurting others

then I choose not to stick around

for that familiar pain.

I love you dearly

but I love me more

and I thank God for learning

efficacy in self-love

because today, I’d still suffer

from being your enabler.

For so very long,

I made excuses for you

blaming your young age

where ignorance is most prevalent

but experiences and lessons

haven’t stood a chance

to extinguish that pride

that’s taken over your spirit.

Your aura speaks loudly

with a yearn to be accepted

but in my quest to accept

loving from afar is safest.

I’ve learned to protect myself

from your thriving ego

that claims a choke hold

on your every thought.

Space and time are valuable

and as much as I’d like to share mine with you

I can not

at least, not now.

I will continue to pray

with passion and diligence

on the growth of our souls

humbling myself to remember

that we’re all in a different place

on this journey called life

and that learning is a process,

a varying pace for all.

I must not place expectations

for there comes disappointment

but to simply live accordingly

and continue to surge like water

all from a distance.

©2016 Liza Morales


2 thoughts on “I Am Not Judging You 12/30

    • Yes Rabia, true indeed. I’m just grateful to have learned this lesson and to be wise enough not to take their behavior or choices personally. That consciousness is what allows me to use discernment and still choose to love. Thank you for reading me.

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