Winter Moments


pillows and pj’s
my heated abode
while feathery snowflakes
bluster on by.
the aching, bitter cold
whistles on windows
as the wind blow songs
of January’s life..
and here I am
in drippings of ink
as candles burn poems
of scented harmony
these voices awaken
chakras aroused
in cursive sways
of poetry adrift
feeling the beat
of stripping souls
the layers within
dug in depths
shovels and tears
pains from afar
dense in the air
ancestral scars
their screams alarm
all of tomorrow
with truths and burdens
that must be addressed
these lessons come
in the rarest form
taught by the winds
of perseverance
like the limbs of winter
who bear and endure
life and death
over and over.

I am inspired
peering outside
growing aware
how grave it is
to allow myself
to die, if I have to
in order to taste
the sweetness of birth
in the coming Spring.

© Liza Morales


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