It Is Me


Do not fret, dearly beloved

Yes, it is me..


It is me who is standing

behind the silence of your mind

the unattended part

where courage awaits

to entrench your core.


It is me who garners the whispers

embraced by the heart

and all of the smiles

left in the embers

of our longing souls.


It is me who savors the breaths

exhaled by the shore,

where the sand wrapped our limbs

pervading each crevice

of our bodies entwined.


It is me who supports you

the pillars of your weakness

and the spattering of your pains

for they become mine

I, am one with you.


Despite the fact you are mindful,

you do not recognize me;

although you have noticed

that something is there

a recondite spirit,

but even the scent is different.


Oh, dear heart of mine

you will only know

the aura of this lotus

that buds within me

through the giver of life,

He will be the One to show you.


You will not find me

in the swelling of the streets

nor the density of pride.


You will not find me

on the tongue of a liar

nor befriending the ego


but simply

in the sweetness of hyacinth

and in the peace of nighttime.


In your heart,

you will know

as you go out to the field

where the grass is marked

with silhoutte, on the greens.


In your heart,

you will know

as you listen for His voice


He will clear uncertainties

by offering you — love

in the purest form.


Then, you will know.

© 2014 Liza Morales

Gods gift


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