The Flood of 2008 (Haiku)


fell to bathroom ground
she snored, he could not lift her
they dragged her body

dad, I missed your calls
sorry, I was in the gym
what’s wrong daddy, eh?

mom intubated
massive bleed, drowning in blood

could not wrap this thought
choking – arduous swallow
I had to know it

blessed to be the one
connect, tears and songs all night
pulsing hearts — rhythm

prayers and hymns, I wept
sunrise, love surrounded us
we both surrendered.


© 2014 Liza Morales


[Today, six years ago, my mother collapsed in the bathroom from a brain hemorrhage, while dad was dying from cancer.
By the time she reached the hospital, it was proven that her life was coming to a sudden end. I stood with her, just she and I, for the last night of her life. I sang to her, sopped her with my tears, spoke words of encouragement and acceptance and finally let her go.
I miss my best friend.]


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