Abysmally Rooted


My love for you is timeless
born from deep in the core
where no one has ever been planted
to know the whispers of these depths —
an unplanned birthing it was
that rooted from the nucleus
giving life to our breath
and moonshine to the wounds
that bled from way before
but believing in the fire
that reminded us we were alive
though it burned, over and over
and scabbed to form the scars
that built character over the sunset
and gentleness under the stars.
It was never just an idea
it was you, all I ever wanted
every ounce of your manhood
and every drop of your feminine side;
pardon me for being ill-equipped
and too weak and immature
allowing my fears a place to live
and overshadow the genuine in my blood.
Now, it is pain
that swarms daily in the root
of a dead tree that once lived
in the torso of sunshine.
With little, to no oxygen
I bathe in a burning chest
that reminds me everyday
of the life in this love
that subsists my existence
with an eternal grace.

© 2014 Liza Morales



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