Nia (Tanka)


let your seeds bloom
we are all born with purpose
live your life mission
if you know not your purpose
serve others passionately.


© Liza Morales 2013


Nia- PURPOSE:  To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.
The fifth day of Kwanzaa is a day for reviewing our purpose for living. Each family member should examine his/her ability to put his/her skill or talent to use In the service of the family and community at large. Take time to reflect on your expectations from life: discuss your desires and hopes with family and friends. On this day you should try to determine if this purpose will eventually result in positive achievements for family and community.

Explanation: The Nia principle asks each person to be services or mission-driven on the behalf of their family, school, and community. The core concept and practice of the value Purpose is service.  Service to others, family school, community and the nation is what defines who we are and our possibilities for developing communities that provide the context for families and children to thrive and flourish. Each member of the family, school, or community is asked to examine his/her skills or talents and determine how he/she will put forth those skills or talents in the service of the family, school, or community.




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