Holiday Sparkle (Haiku)



shimmery bright lights

twinkle, holiday season

holly jolly time.

© 2013 Liza Morales


4 thoughts on “Holiday Sparkle (Haiku)

  1. Ahhhh, yes. Therefore, you are my brother.
    Kindred spirits keep alike. 🙂
    I had the honors of seeing our sister Safiyyah playing her lead role, as Bessie. You’d be proud!
    She did an excellent job.

    Oh and by the way, I found a writing book for ‘The Words We Share’ project. I will be mailing it out to you this week. I’m very excited about this. I thank you again. This was a brilliant idea! There’s
    such an intense artistry behind the conception of a book with poems from poets we’ve encountered, from all over the world, living different cultures, speaking different languages — my gosh! There are no barriers when it comes to poetry. Just let it flow.
    The beauty of it all is that every book being created will concoct something different. Everyone one of us will end up with a gem, a unique story, a special rhythm.. written to the sway of their ink. 🙂

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