Act 3 (Haiku)



in rain, sleet or snow
support goes the extra mile
that’s what “friends” are for.

©2013 Liza Morales


Tonight, was the grand finale of the play, ‘Act 3’, on 42nd Street. My friend, Safiyyah Amina, played the lead role of Bessie, an elderly woman with dementia. I must say, she did a phenomenal job!
As some may know, the weather here in NY was horrendous and difficult to maneuver around…. but I refused to allow that to hinder my attendance. I am so glad I was able to make it, to show love and support for my dear sister-friend.

“Bravo! Bravo!” [throwing flowers on stage] 😀


4 thoughts on “Act 3 (Haiku)

  1. Safiyyah

    Words cannot express my love for you nor my gratitude of your consistent support of me as a sister and friend. God has lent me a tremendous treasure in you for which I am eternal grateful and I will handle with care.

    • Awww sis, your comment is saturated in love and I thank you. As I grow through fortification, I’ve gained massive cognizance of God’s work and presence. I’ve been blessed to have made your acquaintance and embrace you as my sister. I, too, aim to handle with care, recognizing the gift God has blessed me with in you. I cherish good people and I strive to demonstrate my love and sincerity. Thanks sis, for being you…

      You’re welcome, with all my love. 🙂

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