Power Vested In Me


I close my eyes

remaining still

to feel the flood,

warm and fluent.

My mind becomes in tuned

like poetry aligned

every organ, calls the next

bridging the connection.

Imbibing life’s offerings

a preselected destiny

conjoining the stars,

to receive my blessings.

The heart brims and bleeds

spews love into the universe

reciprocating smiles

I smile back.

Magnetic rays stick on skin

luring strands of the moon’s shine,

impregnates my soul pure

to expand my heart’s embrace.

Silence, now rules this route

as I listen for his whispers–

with extended hand,

pursuing his path.

Light exudes through every pore

calling all hearts of faith,

hear this power within

a power vested in me.

© 2012 Liza Morales



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