It’s All About You (Haibun)



You must search within

there lies the answer to life


We are all trekking a personalized journey. From the time of birth until your final hour, the intent of life is to experience, learn and maturate. We are seeds that God has sown into the most fertile grounds. Each seed is one on its own but are all given the same power — the ability to bud. God’s provisions are plentiful. He wants to see you blossom into full bloom. Each one of you are special, implanted with unique gifts. You’re bestowed with opportunities but it is to blessed with cognizance to grasp them  and use them towards your advantage, towards your growth.

Throughout life, there are countless lessons to be learned. Lessons learned aren’t usually obtained in the most joyful way. Lessons are normally consumed through mistakes or transgressions (not the most comfortable thing in the world). During these times, many people have the tendency to place blame on others. I guess it’s the easier thing to do. Yet, it is beyond imperative to realize how they’ve contributed to the situation, in order to seek resolution. With wholly growth, full responsibility must be claimed, of all choices and actions.

Ultimately, YOU are responsible for your happiness. You are the one that holds the power to transmit the remnants of your karmic flow. You can cause sadness into your own lives and the same pertains to happiness. It’s your choice! Though, there are times that trials come your way, uncontrollably, you still have control of your reaction. How you choose to deal with life’s strife, makes all the difference. A daily dose of self-discipline leads to productive outcomes.

Change is the greatest gift you can give yourself. The transformation derives from the flame of God. It is His eternal Light. Live your life but always be mindful of your thoughts, your actions and your reactions. If you possess a way or a vibe that flows less than righteously, change it. The effect can shake the whole universe. You are a constant reinvention. Let your ripple take shape.

veering soul of light
high with boldness and grace,

a flight of splendor.

© 2013 Liza Morales

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