Human Seasoning (Etheree)


mutilated and charred through fiery faults
sweltering screams pierce in black and blues
in her contaminated blood
that sears a divine cleansing
metamorphic blessing
in her chastened soul
beautiful scars
bathe her fresh

© 2013 Liza Morales


4 thoughts on “Human Seasoning (Etheree)

  1. Absolutely, Ranting Crow.
    When faced with trials and struggles in life, that is a time of test. From my personal experience, I always come out of it – – elevated. That’s the beauty. That’s the blessing. I seek to absorb expansion through every revelation. Life is a journey and I embrace it all – the ups and the downs. It is what makes us.
    Thank you for reading me and for your giving comment. 🙂

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